Volante builds its Aesir Space underwriting team with new hire

20 October 2021

Volante’s Aesir Space underwriting team continues to build up its presence in the London market by adding a new team member.

Anastasia Balina is joining Aesir Space as an underwriter from a broker background, and will in addition to bolstering the underwriting team, also support product development within the traditional space market and within the rapidly growing Newspace segment. Anastasia was until recently the Space Divisional Director at UIB.

Morten Pahle, Managing Director of Aesir Space, commented: “Anastasia brings an excellent network in regions of the world where business can be challenging, giving us a real boost there. Her insurance competence and experience are second to none as a broker, and we are looking forward to seeing her develop into a market leading underwriter.

We are extremely pleased to be able to attract talent like this. Our commitment to our carriers and clients is continuous service improvement and product innovation, aptly demonstrated by the multitalented team we are continuing to build.”

Anastasia joined us earlier this week on Monday 18th October.

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