Affinity Solutions is a UK-focused MGA that provides a broad range of insurance products for the amateur sports, leisure and entertainment sectors.

Offering specialist, A rated insurance products for teams, individuals, associations, venues and attractions across the country, our natural understanding of these communities means we can develop fully bespoke policies.

Having the choice

At Affinity, we believe that choice is key to building the most effective policy. Too often products fall short of their risk target, providing only limited protection and leaving sports people, teams, committees, site owners or event managers exposed to risks that they or their insurer were never aware of.

Providing a range of products, from property and public liability cover through to personal accident and directors’ and officers’ protection depending on the client’s needs, we can offer the appropriate protections for individuals and businesses.

That policy reach coupled with our technical understanding of each sector means we can deliver coverage across all major risks and provide policyholders with the insurance safeguards they need.

We know that speed of service is critical to our brokers from the start. At Affinity, we are committed to delivering that speed while maintaining the highest levels of service.

Our sector knowledge and focus, plus our underwriting authority, means we can make prompt decisions on even complex risk submissions, generating quotes for relevant covers that support the responsiveness of our brokers.

Affinity also benefits from the rapid underwriting capabilities of the VTX technology platform which supports Volante Global. Ensuring efficiency from submission through to policy creation, and delivering transparency throughout, VTX pushes us ahead.

  • Property
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Public / Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
  • Personal Accident

Whether building policies for a community athletics club, UK-wide gym chains, fetes or fairs, for large-scale multi-site businesses or home-based sole traders, our broad coverage options mean Affinity products are always fit for risk purpose.

THE Affinity Solutions TEAM

Stephen Kiedish

Managing Director

Affinity Solutions


Stephen Kiedish

Managing Director

Affinity Solutions

Stephen has over 17 years of insurance industry experience, including 14 years working within the amateur sports, leisure and entertainment sectors. His extensive market expertise spans all forms of coverage that are required.

Prior to Affinity, Stephen was an Underwriting Manager at a specialist international MGA in the sports sector. Previous roles have included Underwriter for property, leisure and sport at Prosight Syndicate 1110 and Underwriter at AEGIS London Syndicate 1225. He entered the sports and leisure sector in 2005 when he joined QBE.

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