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Volante Germany GmbH is a specialist underwriting MGA, based in Berlin – delivering innovative tech-driven insurance solutions across the EU. Our first product; Shareholder Activist Protection Insurance – a world premiere, is a true definition of innovation.

We aim to launch further specialist products, developed by underwriters with unparalleled knowledge – optimally blending industry knowledge with data and technology.

As a Managerial General Agent we strive to deliver excellence to all stakeholders across the insurance value chain, from risk carriers to brokers to clients. We don’t just offer specialist, A+ rated insurance products – we take pride in working with our stakeholder to build solutions based on technical understanding of underlying risk –pushing insurance from reactive to pro-active, creating true value added for our clients.

Our sector knowledge and focus, plus our underwriting authority, means we keep agility and flexibility at the forefront – delivering excellence, a word we want to be associated with.

“We’re changing the world with technology “
– Bill Gates –

We think merging data, technology and insurance is the key to unlocking customers value.

We believe underwriting should start with advanced data-rich, highly efficient, technology platform that connects every component of the insurance value chain. Informative underwriting decisions must be pioneered by pairing optimal data plug-ins with underwriter discretion authority. We use real-time data in our underwriting algorithms because clients deserve to be measured on the most accurate data available.

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat “
– Steve Jobs –

We believe partnership helps define success in the new era of insurance. We believe we can only be as good as the strength of our partners, which is why we strive to work the best- in harmony our mission is to enhance client value added.

In all parts of the insurance value chain we recognise the need to deliver excellence. From A+ rated capacity to market leading real time data; We believe superior results are achieved by harmonised partnerships, all as one aligned team, ready to listen your particular needs.

Whilst our expertise lies predominantly in insurance risk modelling, we are proud to work alongside the best available market experts– our tenacious collective efforts creates true client value.

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning “
– Bill Gates –

Based in Germany, we aim to be local, but still exhibit global capabilities and appetite. We serve the local market with years of market knowledge and experience, yet our aim is to build niche markets where we can deliver expertise across country borders.

With Shareholder Activist Protection Insurance we aim to serve EU markets, relying on technology to connect to our stakeholders – our promise is to be there when you need us – just a click away from a personal Video-call.

Loyalty and integrity are key pillars of our business acumen – by striving to deliver excellence – from broker to client to risk carrier, we leave no one behind but rather embrace a journey, a smooth ride where you can expect excellence at all stops.

“Show value, create an experience and always strive to exceed customers expectations.”
– Shep Hyken –

The Volante Germany Team

Hans Dohlen

Managing Director

Volante Germany


Hans Dohlen

Managing Director

Volante Germany

Hans is a Financial Lines specialist, with extensive insurance experience across Europe. Prior to joining Volante, he spent 10+ years at AIG in various underwriting and management functions across the Nordics, London, Germany and Switzerland. Hans is an InsurTech enthusiast and developer of Activist Protection Insurance.

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