Volante Global wins ‘MGA of the Year’ award at the 2021 Insider Honours

15 October 2021

On the evening of Tuesday 28th September, Volante Global were announced as winners of the 2021 Insider Honours ‘MGA of the Year’ award. This recognition is cherished, and it is the second time that Volante has won this award since commencing trading in 2018, having previously received this award in 2019.

This is another memorable moment to celebrate the progress of the Volante business and the extraordinary efforts of the Volante family. And a moment once again to be grateful for the incredible sponsorship given to us by our stakeholders, without whom our business does not exist and would not be at this exciting juncture today. The ultimate award, reward and recognition for Volante will be the delivery of upper quartile underwriting profit to our strategic capital providers over the long term – and we remain laser focused on this primary objective in the underwriting institution of Volante.

Founder and CEO Talbir Bains notes the outstanding contribution of the Volante team and the sponsorship of Volante’s strategic partners in this achievement. “The efforts, aspirations, discipline and commitment of our people at Volante lays the foundation of our successes that receive such recognition. We are still a young institution but one that has aligned itself entirely with our sponsors and stakeholders. We will continue with utmost integrity and discipline to deliver on our commitments to all of our people and partners in the revolution that Volante brings to the market.”

We are honoured to receive this award, and it turbocharges our aspirations to realising total strategic, financial and cultural alignment with all our stakeholders.

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