Black Lives Matter, Diversity & Inclusion

30 July 2019

When we began the journey of Volante, our vision at the heart of it all was to make a difference to the lives of those involved in a revolutionary business venture. To make a difference to each and every one of us, financially and mentally – to be rewarded with a job we enjoy, in a team of people we cherish and working for a company we treasure. A company that would dare to bring a unique MGA model to the market and through resilience, innovation and courage, stride a path to building success in a shape and form not seen previously. When we started the journey of Volante, from then until now, the goal has remained the same and our working environment until recently had remained the same.

Since March this year, the hurricane force winds of change arrived in the form of COVID-19, a pandemic that would make us all realise the value of the freedom and advantages we had enjoyed.

At the same time, the realities of race discrimination and the differential treatment suffered by many arising from it have also come into sharp focus. This was prompted by the deeply scarring event in Minneapolis, in the U.S. State of Minnesota, that would see the inhuman treatment of George Floyd result in a life being taken away in brutally sickening circumstances.

The global impacts of these occurrences bring changes to our lives and our business. We in Volante have delivered an outstanding response to the first event with our core attributes enabling us to effect a response that has facilitated seamless business continuity. Our response and continuity has had all of our stakeholders sit up and take note. The challenge faced in connection with the second event is far greater and we will once again as a company and a team, emphatically demonstrate our core attributes by making a real lasting difference to those who suffer discrimination for any reason. 

Volante’s own ethos of diversity, inclusion and acceptance is something to be proud of for us all especially when measured against the backdrop of a market which has repeatedly failed to effect change within its businesses or people. Volante is doing both and we are on a journey now striving to make a difference to the lives of those within Volante but also to those others who deserve every opportunity regardless of their background.

Let us be the soothing petals which with unerring force smother the flames of evil and bring rays of light to eyes previously filled with fear of the future. Together with courage and resilience, we will stride a path towards a fair and inclusive future without fear, one which will make us very proud to be part of Volante. 


VGL Executive Committee

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