Motor Schemes

At Gentium Motor, our core business is specialist motor schemes as well as affinity group products. We will also consider SME/micro commercial motor business in certain territories.

Critical to the effectiveness of our specialist scheme cover is our ability to dovetail the client-specific expertise of our local brokers with the extensive product and coverage experience of our teams. We implement a detailed due diligence process in all instances to ensure we deliver the most responsive cover.

With a twenty-five-year track record of working collaboratively with local partners to deliver niche motor products across multiple distribution platforms, our expertise spans a broad range of affinity schemes, including:

  • Car/motorcycle/specialist vehicle clubs
  • Exotic car clubs
  • Specialist schemes for clearly-identified niches (specific vehicle usage, particular professions etc.)
  • Exotic car dealerships – tailored motor coverage for ‘non-standard’ risk exposures

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