Directors’ & Officers’

  • A+ rated capacity for D&O policies
  • Expansive cover across multiple industry sectors
  • Decades of sector experience with a data-driven approach

Volante Financial and Professional Lines writes a globally diverse portfolio of Directors’ & Officers’ liability insurance.

We offer comprehensive cover to companies across multiple industry sectors and have an appetite for a broad range of company sizes.

Our target markets include:

  • general international excess D&O
  • US-domiciled excess D&O
  • distressed clients on both a primary and excess basis

Our wide range of specialist Directors’ & Officers’ coverage options built upon A+ rated capacity enables us to deliver secure and responsive protection built around the specific liabilities of the individual director.

Combining decades of sector experience with a data-driven underwriting approach, we constantly monitor the evolving corporate threat landscape, working closely with global information providers and legal support to ensure our coverage evolves in tandem.

That ground-level monitoring also enables to keep pace with legislative developments across the globe. Each policy incorporates the specific regulatory requirements of each country, right down to the state or region level, ensuring full compliance for the duration of the coverage.

Volante Companies