VTX Partners

The Underwriting Revolution

VTX Partners is founded by a team of visionary underwriters committed to revolutionising how the insurance industry operates through technology. Their ground-breaking technology solution ‘VTX’ is an end-to-end cloud-based MGA underwriting platform and is a core component of Volante’s proposition.

Delivering efficiency

The system enables Volante to develop tailored risk solutions, price products accurately, deliver transparency throughout and ensure a swift and effective claims handling service.

Spanning the entire service chain, it simplifies the lifecycle management of policies from Sales to Underwriting, Reinsurance to Claims and Finance to Payments. This fully integrated, end-to-end infrastructure creates a company-wide data ecosystem combining workflow management, document management and production across a consistent framework and ensuring efficiency throughout.

Management information

Incorporating leading-edge technology and built to the latest Lloyd’s standards, VTX delivers real-time connectivity between the assureds, brokers, capacity providers, investors, third party suppliers and underwriters, with full data aggregation at every touchpoint ensuring reliable management information at all stages.

Built by underwriters for underwriters, VTX places technology at the centre of the business, whilst bringing data to the fore to support profitable growth in all phases of the market cycle.

Digital disruption

Through VTX we are disrupting the underwriting process to create a single, coherent data view across every component in the re/insurance chain.

The system transforms large and complex data sets into real-time dynamic dashboards, putting critical, live risk information at the fingertips of the underwriters. This direct data access greatly enhances decision-making, bolsters productivity and enhances both risk selection and portfolio management capabilities.

Further, high levels of automation throughout coupled with continuous learning minimise human error whilst actively managing fraud and claims leakage.

VTX Partners are committed to challenging the status quo by revolutionising the way we underwrite.

Management Team


Hussein Hassanali

Managing Partner, VTX Partners

T: +44 (0)203 440 7586
E: hussein.hassanali@volanteglobal.com

Ricky Mahar

Managing Partner, VTX Partners

T: +44 (0)203 440 7586
E: ricky.mahar@volanteglobal.com

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