Shareholder Activist Protection Insurance

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Shareholder activism has become one of the fastest growing emerging threats for listed companies (data source: Activist Insight)

  • 5% of all listed companies became victims of activist investor attacks in the top-10 activist countries in 2020
  • 74% increase in shareholder activist campaigns across Europe the last 5 years
  • Activist campaigns are disruptive to “victim” companies costing time, money & focus loss
  • Proxy contest (final stage activist tactic) on average costs $4m+ for US mid-cap companies
  • Most companies are underprepared against activist attacks

We have designed a unique insurance backed solution:
Shareholder Activist Protection Insurance (SAPI) – combines activist cost indemnification with partner mitigation services – creating an activist defence strategy.

As most companies are underprepared against shareholder activist threat – we have developed an insurance backed concept – providing an activist defence strategy. Our proposition starts with mitigation – our partner experts work with you to assess your key vulnerabilities, helping you better understand shareholder activist risk. If an activist still launches an activist campaign, the insurance kicks-in – covering your direct expenses for hiring market experts to steer you through the activist storm.

We provide listed companies with insurance protection and pro-actively facilitate risk mitigation by offering value added services. Like Cyber insurance, we introduce our clients to the best market experts (lawyers, advisors and PR/communications experts) – even on a pre-loss basis to mitigate risk.


  • Risk Report: analyses key vulnerabilities. Mitigation starts with awareness
  • Activist Insight Online membership: exclusive partnership with « Activist Insight »- our activist data and analytics partner allows you to track activist exposure
  • Mitigation allowance: the offering includes an annual pre-loss mitigation allowance

Insurance Protection

  • Costs: Cost indemnification for activist related costs, including proxy fights
  • Advisors: reimbursement of expert advisory costs: legal, consulting, PR& Communication

“Shareholder Activist Protection Insurance” (SAPI) uses real-time data as the key to un-locking a previously uninsurable risk.

SAPI is a true world premiere, no one before us has made shareholder activist risk insurable. We identified a whitespace opportunity in the market and decided to design a product centred around client need. By listening to our partners, many of which, are activist experts we have finessed a niche product.

Shareholder activism requires expert knowledge, which is why we have teamed up with some of the leading experts in the field to share their superior expertise with you. Whilst our expertise lies in insurance risk modelling, we are proud to work alongside activist experts to help advise our clients – our tenacious collective efforts create true client value.

Activist Insight – is the leading data and analytics firm, specialising in shareholder activism. We are proud to partner with Activist Insight valuing their unique data and expertise.

Panel firms – we have hand-picked activist experts and market leaders in the fields of law, consulting, proxy advisory and PR communications, ready at your service.

We believe we can only be as good as the strength of our partners, which is why we strive to work the best- in harmony our mission is to enhance client value added.