Chief Operating Officer Appointment

  • Monique Alder, appointed Chief Operating Officer
  • Member of the Executive Committee
  • To be appointed to the VCHL and VGL Boards (subject to regulatory approvals)

Volante are delighted to welcome Monique Alder to the Volante Group as Chief Operating Officer. She will join the Executive Committee reporting to the Chief Executive Officer Talbir Bains and brings a repertoire of vast experience, expertise and skills with roles in the London Market.

Monique’s experience spans various roles such as Operations director, Committee chair, Board advisor and Finance director with over 30 years’ insurance expertise in strategy, finance, risk, operations and technology within the Lloyd’s, wholesale, retail, start up and SME sectors.

Monique is respected and recognised in the market as an expert in delivering diverse, operationally effective change for global and Lloyd’s Insurance businesses to drive performance and cost efficiencies and across the UK, Europe, India and USA.

Key strengths include:

  • Leveraging experience of hands-on operational leadership often in distressed environments to turnaround and strengthen business effectiveness
  • Designing, implementing and mentoring the delivery of effective cross-functional outsourcing for operational organisations aligned directly to business needs
  • Utilising an in-depth knowledge of insurance and the Lloyd’s market to effectively lead the delivery of internal and cross-market change programmes / projects
  • Nurturing collaborative key stakeholder relationships across the Lloyd’s and London Insurance market to influence market direction

Volante’s CEO Talbir Bains commented “we welcome Monique to the Volante Group during an exciting phase of our business. Monique’s vast expertise and superior skillset will bring increased agility to maintain our operational delivery at the leading edge during a rapidly adapting market environment. Monique’s bias for automation and innovation will add momentum to Volante’s strategic drive to continuously challenge the conventional to optimise performance and profit to all our stakeholders. Once again, we take immense pride in our ability to attract the best talent to the Volante Group.”


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