Volante Transaction Solutions

  • Warranty & indemnity protection for M&A transactions
  • Deep understanding and experience across multiple jurisdictions
  • Coverage secured upon A+ rated capacity

Volante Transaction Solutions, part of Volante Financial and Professional Lines, offers insurance cover that mitigates the risk of a breach of the warranties & indemnities given in the course of an M&A transaction.

Our bespoke solutions provide comprehensive protection across the broad range of issues that may be the subject of transaction warranties & indemnities giving insureds the ability to pursue their transaction with confidence.

Comprehensive solutions

We provide insurance solutions that mitigate transaction risk and facilitate a clean and efficient realisation of an M&A transaction.

Our policies provide insurance cover for financial losses arising from inaccuracies in warranties & indemnities.  Each policy is crafted to jigsaw with the unique requirements of the M&A transaction at hand.  We work with the insured to provide a highly customised policy, tailored for the insured’s needs, that fits with the risk and recourse profile of the transaction.

Our extensive experience across a wide variety of transaction dynamics and structures, provides clients with the assurance that we can deliver the required protection in tandem with the execution of their M&A transaction.

Execution certainty

Drawing on the experience of former top-tier advisory professionals, we have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of an M&A transaction and how risk is allocated through legal documentation.

We apply the same high service standards to our underwriting that are expected of all transaction advisory team members.  We deliver our insurance solutions through a practical and cooperative approach and in a timely manner to ensure execution certainty.

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