Combined Flight

Combined Flight (or CF) cover combines a Launch Vehicle Flight Only (LVFO) policy with an In-Orbit (IO) policy to provide a seamless policy which covers a satellite for launch and one-year post separation. Subsequent IO covers are placed on an annually renewing basis.

Our product suite is constantly evolving to reflect the changing dynamics of the space market. As new boutique manufacturers enter the arena, the sector expands with the development of smallsat technologies, new payloads and smaller launch vehicles, our combined coverage options expand to encompass the unique risk parameters these applications generate.

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Volante’s Aesir Space Goes Interstellar with Australia’s First Rocket Launch

Aesir Space develops multi-risk deal for nation’s historic $7 billion space investment Monday 21st September, London:  Aesir Space, a member of the Volante Group MGA, is celebrating Australia’s first launch of a commercial space rocket from its base in southern Australia. Aesir Space was the project’s main technical underwriter. The 34kg, 3.4-metre-long DART rocket was…

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Intelligent Insurer interview with the Volante Global CEO – Talbir Bains

‘Rate hikes are positive only if they are adequate for the underlying risk’. The market is clearly undergoing a period of significant hardening with rate increases expected to continue upwards into 2021 as a result of the immediate and longer-term impacts of COVID-19, coupled with successive years of increased loss severity and frequency, and prior-year…

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